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Rainlights – When My Phone Dies

This year the smartphone as we know it turns 15 years, and there is much discussion and ridicule about how we all are addicted to it. However, Brooklyn singer, songwriter, and producer Rachel Chevat aka Rainlights takes a different angle and confronts us with a simple truth: “When My Phone[…]

Les Cooper – Best Of You [Video]

“Best Of You,” the new single by Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and arranger Les Cooper piqued my interest when I learned about the song’s inspiration. Once I listened to the gorgeous track, I was hooked and I hope you will be too. The beautiful animated video, directed by Anne Douris adds to[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Katy J Pearson, Mogli, Tōth, Violet Skies

Katy J Pearson – Talk over Town We love British singer/songwriter Katy J Pearson, as simple and down to the point as that. In case you don’t know her yet, watch her latest, absolutely brilliant video and check out her other works too. So good! We recently featured Katy J[…]


Wyldest – The Best Is Yet To Come [Video]

The London singer, songwriter, and producer Zoe Mead aka Wyldest, did it all herself for the excellent 2021 album “Monthly Friend.” To build on that, she found inspiration in collaboration with producer Luciano Rossi. Change is good! This is also the hopeful perspective of her new song, “The Best Is[…]

Saint Kochi – Almost Lost

British chamber-pop artist Saint Kochi announces his upcoming album, with a release date still to be revealed, with the glorious “Almost Lost.” The track is beautifully cinematic, with a sweeping string arrangement and mesmerizing beats. Asked about the irresistible symphonic track, Saint Kochi says: I wanted to make a song[…]


Automatic – Venus Hour [Video]

Automatic, the L.A.-based trio of Izzy Glaudini, Lola Dompé, and Halle Saxon does hard-hitting songs somewhere between rock and electronic. The bass-driven new song “Venus Hour” is “about whatever it is inside you that makes you want to do that thing that isn’t logical, or safe,” and somehow, you get[…]

Meg Mac – On Your Mind

Australian soulful pop artist Meg Mac follows the success of her brilliant “Is It Worth Being Sad” with the ultra-gorgeous “On Your Mind.” The down-tempo track starts out exquisitely laid-back, with a heavy dose of soul, and then heads in a slightly more pop direction with some unexpected twists and[…]

Rose Brokenshire

Rose Brokenshire – Better Now

It is the little things that create lasting happiness in life. In her new song “Better Now,” Canadian singer/songwriter Rose Brokenshire shares how she has reached a more joyful place in her life and invites you to follow in her steps. She recalls: “I wanted to make something that honoured[…]

Ponte Pilas – Be Your Girl

British-Ecuadorian indie-rock quartet Ponte Pilas announce their upcoming album with the beautifully vibrant and effortlessly catchy “Be Your Girl.” Alone the combination of South American and British band members who call Berlin, Germany their home, should make for an interesting sound, no? While frontman Calum Bolland is from Scottland, Daniel[…]


Companion – Snowbank

Companion is the duo of twin sisters Jo and Sophia Babb who live in Fort Collins, Colorado. As you may expect, they pair gentle guitars with beautiful harmonies, but there is always a little more in their songs that enhances their emotional weight. Take “Snowbank,” a song about the special[…]