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FIRST LISTEN: Lower Dens – Escape from Evil

I’ve been following Baltimore band Lower Dens since their 2010 debut Twin-Hand Movement, which was quite a dark and obscure affair. Their third record Escape from Evil has evolved from that place into almost pop territory: many tracks, like lead single To Die in L.A add bright synth lines and[…]

Ibeyi live at SXSW 2015

Ibeyi was one of the bands I listened to when the first announcements for SXSW 2015 came out in October 2015, and I was immediately fascinated by their story and music on a very personal level. However, the elements of their music, piano, traditional percussion and chants in Yoruba initially[…]

VIDEO: Torres – Sprinter

Here at glamglare we have a love affair with Brooklyn singer/songwriter Torres since we saw her live in Austin. We can’t wait for her second albume come out in May, but in the meantime, here’s a video of the title track Sprinter.

Song Picks of the Week

Hannah Cohen – Keepsake I like this song more with every listen, so it’s my Song Pick of the Day. Hannah Cohen is a singer/songwriter from New York via San Francisco and she just released her second album ‘’Pleasure Boy”. Fransico The Man – You & I These days, I[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: Band names // Banks // Tidal // More

Paste Magazine has a nice piece about the request to change the band name throughout the music history. For example the Spanish band Hinds (fka Deers): “We received an email from a Canadian lawyer saying that our name created confusion with his band’s name. And that name is not even[…]

Swervedriver live at Red 7, SXSW 2015

There are bands, who seem to have disappeared, yet never lost their fan base. Then they come back, and are (still) so incredibly good that it blows your mind. Swervedriver is one of these bands with not having released an album in 15 years and then putting out a gem like I[…]

THROWBACK: Saga – Wind Him Up

More from the early 80s: the Canadian Band Saga was extremely popular in Germany and I remember their ’81 album Worlds Apart, which Wind Him Up is from, was traded heavily on the school yard. Saga was also the second concert of my life. In the end, the drummer threw[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sexores – Maceió

I so badly wanted to see the Spanish/Ecuadorian shoegaze band Sexores in Austin, but they had to cancel their SXSW trip. But here’s a new song and I hope they make it over the Atlantic again soon.