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Victory Chimes – New Mode [Video]

When I first came across Victory Chimes, over three years ago, I was immediately hooked by the mesmerizing, brooding vibe and the very intriguing vocals. No different now with “New Mode,” the recent single from the just-released album When the Fog Rolls In. Victory Chimes is the musical project of[…]

Sorcha Richardson

Sorcha Richardson – Archie [Video]

“Archie” is a beautiful and emotional song about the inevitable changes that happen while we grow up and start pursuing our dreams. “If you get a way out, call me when you land,” Irish singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson quotes her lost friend. And she did – she lived in Brooklyn for[…]

Art D'Ecco

Art d’Ecco – Midlife Crisis [Video]

Art d’Ecco‘s music sounds pleasantly familiar in its nod to 80s synth-pop and paired with fantastic vocals and imaginative songwriting. We first came across the Canadian artist, at home in Vancouver, British Columbia during this year’s New Colossus Festival and were immediately hooked. “Midlife Crisis” marks Art d’Ecco’s latest single[…]


Polartropica – Terminator

Cherise Wu aka Polartropica does synth-pop in the vein of early Grimes: light-hearted, creative, and with a quirky edge. Her latest song, “Terminator,” refers to the deadly cyborgs from the future – not the one played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the more sophisticated, shapeshifting model of the first sequel, which[…]

Katy J Pearson – Alligator [Video]

As a teenage girl in the 80s, I wish someone as utterly amazing as Katy J Pearson would have been around! I would have played her songs until the tape in my walkman started to give up. I also would have decorated my room with posters and magazine snippets of[…]

Helen Dagnya

Helen Ganya – Pleasure Dome

When the dark, high-energy synth-pop track “Pleasure Dome” came up on a playlist, I was delighted to see that U.K. singer/songwriter Helen Ganya is no unknown here: under the name Dog in the Snow, she has recorded music since 2015, for example, our Song Pick “Plastic Body.” Also check out[…]

Dekker – I Only Hope To Feel Love

Indie-folk musician Brooklyn Dekker, who makes music as Dekker, released his brilliant sophomore album  I Won’t Be Your Foe, of which “I Only Hope To Feel Love” marks the last single. The track is immediately irresistible with its mesmerizing production, featuring Dekker’s beautiful falsetto. How do you think a track with such[…]

VIDEO PICKS: ARY, Blu DeTiger, Chromeo, Caregiver, girl in red

ARY – My Awe Sustains Earlier this year, Norwegian musician ARY released an excellent album. She now released a dark, unsettling video for the lead single “My Awe Sustains” with the help of director Pernille Sandberg and digital artist Herwig Scherabon. ARY recalls: “I’ve always loved ‘music video’ as a[…]

Elis Noa

Elis Noa – Mad About You

We know Elis Noa from Vienna, Austria, for their elegant future pop since 2019, back then still as a three-piece. They are about to release their second full-length, “I Was About To Leave,” this Friday. The latest single, “Mad About You,” had some self-therapeutic effects on singer Elisa as she[…]

fanclubwallet – You Have Got To Be Kidding Me [Video]

“You Have Got To Be Kidding Me” is the title track of fanclubwallet‘s just-released album. Behind the moniker is Ottawa-based musician Hannah Judge, who says about the beautifully mellow song, that’s tinged with just the right amount of upbeat sprinkles: Sometimes people can be really mean to you and try[…]