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SONG PICK: Leif Erikson – 200 Times

Two years ago, British four-piece Leif Erikson landed on our radar and with a new song titled “200 Times,” we were immediately intrigued. True to their style that we came to love, “200 Times” brims with dreamy, jangly guitars juxtaposed with harsher chords, that create a melange of alluring beauty.[…]


SONG PICK: Miynt – Station Station

The Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer Miynt has a way of making songs that sound retro and contemporary at the same time. Her latest song, “Station Station,” is built around psychedelic guitar riffs and electric organ grooves, but her vocals pull the song into a completely different realm. Miynt will[…]


SONG PICK: Gypsum – Kaleidoscope

L.A. trio Gypsum does not take the easy way with their music. Their self-titled debut album is full of meticulously crafted indie rock with a broad range of influences. For our Song Pick of the Day, “Kaleidoscope,” drummer Jessy Reed sums it up: “For those about the math rock, we[…]

SONG PICK: Blake Morgan – Down Below Or Up Above (Video)

Maybe the atmospheric image of a fedora-wearing and umbrella-holding man, testing some dance moves under an archway in the secrecy of the night did the trick? The black and white image certainly invited us to instantly click “play” on the video link and indulge in Blake Morgan‘s beautiful new song[…]


SONG PICK: AnSoFi – Love & Fear

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is almost 2022 and we are still in a pendemic. in dealing with that fact, Danish singer, songwriter and producer AnSoFi pitches the opposing emotions of love and fear against each other in a moving, quiet song. “Love will keep us together[…]

Christmas at Rockefeller Center

A glamglare Holiday 2021

Music is an essential ingredient for the holidays. Every year as December comes closer, we all start to listen to the same selection of songs over and over that seem to get blasted everywhere. New songs, apparently, are added to the list of classics only once or twice every decade.[…]

SONG PICK: The Thing With Feathers – Static

Charismatic vocals, crisp drumming, and sharp songwriting mark the sound of Nashville-based indie-rockers The Thing With Feathers. Their recent single “Static” announces their upcoming EP Sundays In The South and the equally named tour, which kicks off on February 22nd in Newport, KY.  The quartet is also already among the[…]


SONG PICK: Solis – Sunday

It is Sunday, our Song Pick of the Day is titled “Sunday,” and this chilled-out music is perfect for a lazy afternoon. But Manchester-based singer/songwriter Solis wants to remind you that every day counts betting your hopes on the future. She explains: “Sunday is about always focussing on the future[…]

SONG PICK: Ultraviolet Communication – Moon Man

Phoenix-based indie-rockers Ultraviolet Communication just released their glorious sophomore album Paper Tiger.  We dig the psychedelic vibe of the album with its daring nod to the late 60s. Experimenting with different recording techniques, Ultraviolet Communication say about their album’s lead single “Moon Man:” The vocal production is notable because we[…]