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Song Picks of the Week

Sea lions are lovely animals and deserve a song and London singer Py did a particularly good one with this funky track. Song Pick of Monday! Excited about the debut album of Waterstrider and from this album comes our Song Pick of Tuesday – a track that got me a[…]

PHOTOS: Young Ejecta live at The Main II, SXSW 2015

I saw Young Ejecta first unexpectedly last year opening for Gazelle Twin. Back then, singer Leanne Macomber was accompanied by Joel Ford, who was playing the music, but for SXSW she was traveling light and alone: a smart choice given the special circumstances of the festival. Young Ejecta is doing[…]

MUSIC BUZZ: Crystal Castles // Torres // More

When singer Alice Glass left Crystal Castles half a year ago, it didn’t look like they split in friendship and that the band was over. Now there’s a new song with a new singer who sounds much like Alice. Pitchfork interviewed producer Ethan Kath for some background: “Frail” was recorded[…]

THROWBACK: Anarchic System – Popcorn

Let’s go back way into the 70s. When listened to Doldrum’s new album, the track Loop reminded me on a song that I remember from way back. It took me a while to figure it out: the track’s name was Popcorn, an iconic electronic instrumental released in 1972. The French[…]

FIRST LISTEN: Moon King – Secret Life

Moon King is the duo of Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde (not to be confused with West Coast psych band Moon Duo). That is pretty much all I knew, when I put on their new album Secret Life. The album opener Roswell sets the mood right and hits you hard[…]

First Listen: Arca – Xen

Last year, when FKA twigs broke out of obscurity with her EP1, no publication missed to mention that Kanye West contributor Arca provided and often it was more than just hinted that he was the genius behind twigs’ sound. Now, after twigs has proven that her vision is not dependent[…]

NEW ALBUM: Avid Dancer – 1st Bath

I decided to listen to 1st Bath, the debut album of Avid Dancer, simply because I was intrigued by the band name as well as the album cover. Several beats into the opening track All The Other Girls, I was already hooked and listened through the entire album and then a few more times on repeat. Different[…]

PHOTOS: Satorii live at Pianos

Spring has finally arrived in New York City, hand-in-hand with hundreds of people strolling down the busy streets of the Lower East Side, where doors and floor-to-ceiling-windows are being opened wide to welcome the long awaited warmer season. Everywhere something cool seems to be happening and those who were wandering around wanted to be part of[…]

NEW MUSIC: Olya – Lift Me Up

Here’s a new song titled Lift Me Up by Brooklyn’s OLYA. It starts slow, and I like the hint of menace in the piano line. Then at 1:30 the song changes pace with a fierce beat. OLYA is preparing their debut album, which will be released later this year. Lift Me Up[…]