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SONG PICK: Tired Cossack – Machina

They say that something you loved as a young person, will stay with you forever. I am helpless when it comes to new music, taking from 80s ingredients and “Machina” is the perfect example for this irresistible allure. The newest single by Winnipeg, Canada musician Tired Cossack presses all the[…]


SONG PICK: Woves – 1 am

A late-night call, and you finally know better and don’t answer. That is a painful moment, but it can also be the first step into a new life after a relationship. With their new single “1 am” L.A.-based duo Woves describes this moment with a nocturnal, brooding song as singer[…]

SONG PICK: Mensa Deathsquad – Light

Kansas City darkwave act Mensa Deathsquad release with “Light” a spellbinding new single, signaling a bit of a new direction. The band’s mastermind Brandon Phillips explains: “Light” was the first song I wrote with musician Barb Morrison (Antony and The Johnsons, Blondie, Deborah Harry) as my music mentor and it[…]

Veronica Everheart

SONG PICK: Veronica Everheart – Antiquity

“Antiquity” is about adjusting to new realities after a breakup. “You are left feeling cold and disoriented, facing remnants of the recent past,” singer/songwriter Veronica Everheart describes the situation. Then you can imagine that she grabs a guitar and pours her heart into this song that reflects her frustration and[…]

SONG PICK: Mountains Like Wax – Yes, I Grew Tired

“Yes, I Grew Tired” of many things but certainly not of the new single by Nashville indie-rock duo Mountains Like Wax. Their newest single provides us with another glorious taste of their upcoming debut album scheduled for February next year. “Yes, I Grew Tired” lies on a bed of glistening[…]

Tara Nome Doyle

SONG PICK: Tara Nome Doyle – Snail I

If you look at the song titles of the new album “Værmin” by Berlin-based, Irish-Norwegian singer/songwriter Tara Nome Doyle, they indeed almost all refer to vermin. Except for the crow, which is curiously a predator of all the other animals on the list. The album will be out on January[…]

Quantum Random Transmutation

Fantastic worlds: Quantum Random Transmutation

Numerous exciting projects want to enhance a music experience with virtual reality. Paris-based artist Alexia Charoud teamed up with U.S. musician and producer Virtual Perfection Cowboy to create an art installation that you can explore directly in your web browser with no fancy goggles required (you need a real computer[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Mackenzie Shivers – Island Ave

Mackenzie Shivers might surprise but also delight her fans with the shimmering electronic touches to be found in “Island Ave.” Together with Mackenzie’s enchanting vocals, they lend the track a mesmerizing vibe. The New York singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer does not shy away from widening her range and advancing[…]

Ghostly Kisses

SONG PICK: Ghostly Kisses – Blackbirds

Margaux Sauvé, aka Ghostly Kisses, is about to release her debut album “Heaven, Wait” on January 21 on Akira Records. The singer/songwriter from Quebec, Canada, has released the second single, “Blackbirds,” a dark pop song about depression with a spark of light. Margaux tells us how an international collaboration came[…]