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SONG PICK: Island – Try

“Try” is fragile and dreamy, effortlessly beautiful and totally irresistible. It is also the newest release by London-based quartet Island. We had the band already on our radar since their previous singles “Dreaming Of”, which we song picked in January, and “Stargazer” and with “Try”, Island manifests that they are a crazy[…]

SONG PICK: MEI – Steppin

London-based singer/songwriter Mercy Welbeck goes by MEI, which refers to the Chinese word for “beauty” and her new song “Steppin” was recorded in and inspired by Norway. No wonder that the track defies genres and brims of musical creativity. More music from her is to be expected in 2018.

SONG PICK: Fox in Oil – Rise and Fall

True to its title “Rise and Fall”, the track follows a magnificent flow, like a rippling mountain stream, pure yet also totally intriguing. “Rise and Fall” is the new release by Russian pop-rock quartet Fox In Oil, who already made new fans with their previous, more pop-oriented single “Madness”. With “Rise[…]

SONG PICK: Wildes – Ghost

“Ghost” is a song that rings in your head long after it has finished. London-based singer/songwriter Wildes puts a lot of emotions in her latest track as she reflects about the ghostly long-term effects of past relationships. “Ghost” is Wildes’ third single after “Bare” and “Illuminations”, but no word on[…]

SONG PICK: Pale Oaks – Drink & Share

The capital of Greece, Athens, seems to be a new (?) breeding ground of highly inspired and inspiring indie rock. We came across surprisingly many cool Greek acts already and are adding Pale Oaks to this illustrious list. Pale Oaks have recently released their debut EP “…I’ve Been Better”, recorded and[…]

SONG PICK: Orchid – Jasmines

The London-based singer/producer Orchid has big plans for the next months: three more singles and then an EP early 2018. “Jasmines” is the first one and it showcases her talent for high-energy pop songs that stay clear of genre clichés. It sure helps that she produces everything herself. Listen to[…]

SONG PICK: Choir Boy – Sunday Light

How would the best of 80s synth-pop in a nutshell, in just one sole song sound like? Listen to “Sunday Light” by Choir Boy and you might have an answer. By all means, “Sunday Light” is a brand-new glorious track by singer/songwriter Adam Klopp who goes by Choir Boy, a name he[…]

SONG PICK: Nina Luna – Hope Run Wild

Our Song Pick of the Day is “Hope Run Wild”, a track song about staying course and follow your passion. Singer/producer Nina Luna never goes over the top and lets the music elegantly float beneath her vocals to great effect. Listen to “Hope Run Wild” on SoundCloud or Spotify: