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SONG PICK: Vola Tila – Forget That I Love You

The new single by Vola Tila made me revisit the Swedish duo’s previous work and fall in love with their sound all over again. Their songs are beautifully melodic, blissfully dreamy with a silky smooth vibe. The just-released “Forget That I Love You” follows that captivating style. While the lyrical[…]

tiny deaths

SONG PICK: tiny deaths – Jump

Claire de Lune aka tiny deaths lives in Los Angeles and I suppose that the chain of thoughts she builds her new song “The Jump” on comes to you quite often in the world capital of entertainment: what does fame do to people? The song is a slow burning piece[…]

SONG PICK: Dex Wolfe – Highly Likely

For a while already, we had Dex Wolfe on our radar but life got in the way. By now, the Minnesota-based producer and songwriter has released his debut EP “Lightness”. Fortunately, it is never too late to talk about good music, and “Highly Likely” is just such a gorgeous track[…]

VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Andria Rose, Gustaf, Kalbells, Witch Prophet

Andria Rose – get away “Get Away” is an intense new song new Texas singer/songwriter Andria Rose. The video complements the music perfectly: follow Andria through a hazy world as she muses to escape from it all. Watch the video now: Gustaf Like so many fellow New Yorkers, we also[…]

SONG PICK: Keaton Henson – Ambulance (video)

The utterly beautiful, quiet, and artfully arranged “Ambulance” is the lead single of Keaton Henson‘s new album “Monument.” The album’s opener is also characteristical for the eleven tracks as a whole, as Henson explains: “”Ambulance” is an entertainer’s cry for help, mistaken for a pop song, and applauded instead of[…]


SONG PICK: Notelle – Diet Change

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Notelle likes her music dark and with unsettling undertones. Her new song “Diet Change” – released yesterday – has still some of that, but in form of rather subtle electronics beneath a melancholic piano line. “My new reality,” Notelle sings about the moment she realizes that a relationship[…]

SONG PICK: Matu – Out of the Mist

Soft guitar strumming contrasts with alluring, powerful vocals until the wistful lead guitar glues it all together. These elements are the signature details of “Out of the Mist,” the new single by Matu, a singer/songwriter from Argentina. Born in the South of Argentina, Patagonia, and now living in Buenos Aires,[…]

Abbie Ozard

SONG PICK: Abbie Ozard – True Romance

“True Romance” refers to the 1993 movie and while you probably don’t want to be stuck in a Quentin Tarantino movie, there are always characters with an undeniable appeal. For Manchester-based musician Abbie Ozard this is Alabama, the lead character in “True Romance”. But this 90s-vibes, power pop, sing-along anthem works for everybody who needs a quick escape, even if it is only in your head. “Step on the gas, riding into the sunset, not coming back,” Abbie sings and we are probably all ready for that.

SONG PICK: The Beths – Mars, The God of War

A lot is going on in The Beths‘ new music video and no surprise, with a title like “Mars, The God Of War.” Elizabeth Stokes personifies the planet when she sings: “Mars, the god of war, is watching over me // So passively // From the twinkling scenery // Mars,[…]