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VIDEO PICKS: Helaine Vis, The KVB, Maita, New Pagans

Helaine Vis – Go On For her video “Go On,” Polish singer/songwriter Helaine Vis takes you into a strange, black & white dreamscape where she meets a mysterious figure. Immerse yourself into Helaine’s world while the song builds slowly into a massive outro. Her album “Pretty Cliche” is out this[…]

SONG PICK: Chime School – Wait Your Turn (Video)

We dig the heavy dose of 60s nostalgia in Chime School‘s latest single, the lovely and moody “Wait Your Turn.” The track is also part of the upcoming self-titled album Chime School, due November 5th via Slumberland Records. The accompanying music video picks up the vibe of “Wait Your Turn” pretty[…]


SONG PICK: Alewya – Play

“Don’t mind if I play.” London-based singer/songwriter Alewya invites you to have some fun in her new track “Play.” The song celebrates the joy of living with love and dance, while the music keeps you on edge with tribal drums and heavy bass lines. After all, all good play needs[…]

SONG PICK: Cuffed Up – Terminal (Video)

Earlier this year, we came across Los Angeles-based indie-rock quartet Cuffed Up and featured them in our Videos of the Week series. Now they landed on our radar again with “Terminal,” another fantastic song albeit far more gripping video. It’s not something I enjoy watching, but that might be exactly[…]


SONG PICK: Notelle – Turnover Rate

Stephanie Middleton aka Notelle is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who we love here at glamglare. Her gritty brand of pop music does not shy away to peek into the darker sides of life. Notelle’s latest song, “Turnover Rate,” adds some Garbage-vibes with a fuzzy guitar while it is putting a spotlight[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: The Wavy Awards 2021

We are super excited to attend The Wavy Awards tomorrow evening, held on the Lower East Side in New York. The award show will celebrate historically excluded artists in a ceremony that is decidedly inclusive. The event will be live-streamed for free on The Wavy Awards’ YouTube Channel at 6:30[…]

SONG PICK: VLURE – Heartbeat

On the heels of announcing their upcoming debut EP Euphoria, Glasgow indie-rockers VLURE release the hard-hitting and utterly fascinating “Heartbeat.” Their sound shows a diverse range of influences: from German krautrock over post-punk to electronic dance music with hypnotizing hooks. Ultimately though, this emerging five-piece is about to create their[…]

Carly Shea

SONG PICK: Carly Shea – Hold On To Me

NYC pop musician Carly Shea is back with “Hold On To Me,” an infectious, dance-the-night away pop track. For now, it is the last one of this kind, Carly says, before she moves on to more soulful music. Here at glamglare, we cannot wait to hear what she is up[…]

SONG PICK: Astral Swans – Spiral

Canadian singer/songwriter Matthew Swann, artistically known under the moniker Astral Swans, just released a beautiful, new self-titled album of which we feature the moody “Spiral.” For that single, Swann enlisted the lovely vocals of Julie Doiron, who lends the moody track an airy and optimistic vibe. Asked about “Spiral,” Swann[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Alix Page, ANIQO, Corrina Repp, Jamie Perrett

Alix Page – 25 Alix Page is far younger than 25, so she does look way into the future in her new song, reminiscing about a past relationship. The rest of us can take her video at face value and indulge in nostalgia about a carefree, seemingly perfect summer love.[…]