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VIDEO PICKS: Animalweapon, Chelsea Jade, Luke DeScissio, Melody’s Echo Chamber

Animalweapon – Deserve Raleigh-based synthwave/bedroom electronic artist Animalweapon, née Patrick Cortes, makes us think with his newest single “Deserve.” While definitely quiet and contemplative, Cortes never lets us down. The visuals are as tranquil and in the flow as is the song itself. More than two years into the pandemic[…]


Primer – Just A Clown

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Alyssa Midcalf aka Primer feels like “Just A Clown.” She describes a serious attack of the impostor syndrome that often comes along when you try to do something out of the ordinary. But setting this sentiment to swirling, bright synth-pop helps keep an inner nay-sayer in check.[…]

Nilüfer Yanya – midnight sun

With an intro that evokes Radiohead, “midnight sun” has my attention from the start. Additionally, a feeling of love and utter joy sets in once Nilüfer Yanya starts singing. How could I have missed out on this London-based singer/songwriter and guitarist until now? After all, the daughter of two visual[…]

Sister Gemini

Sister Gemini – Elvira

Sister Gemini is an L.A.-based singer/songwriter who is about to release a series of songs this year. The new 22-year old started songwriting in high school in Michigan, but the songwriting craft of her debut single “Elvira” certainly elevates the track above your typical bedroom production. Catchy and with sparkling[…]

Evie Balfe

Evie Balfe – According to Maybe

The new year is still young, so start it on the right foot with the empowering anthem “According to Maybe.” The London-based artist Evie Balfe draws from her own experience and encourages you to look beyond self-doubt and trust yourself. She adds comforting nostalgia to the song by wrapping her[…]

Priestgate – Eyes Closed For The Winter [Video]

“Eyes Closed For The Winter,” the new single by British five-piece Priestgate, serves as a brilliant mantra to sometimes accept life as it is. The beautifully calming melody and the re-assuring vocals make you instantly feel more comfortable, optimistic even. The catchy vibe of “Eyes Closed For The Winter” is[…]

Josienne Clarke

Josienne Clarke – Workhorse [Video]

“This is the most joyous one” on the new record, says Scottish singer, songwriter, and producer Josienne Clarke about “Workhorse,” the second single from her upcoming EP “I Promised You Light.” The song’s theme is the light-hearted realization that one does not have to prove anything to be loved. It[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Empath, Fieh, Young Prisms, Yova

Empath – Passing Stranger Neither music nor visuals of “Passing Stranger” are easy to classify, so Philadelphia-based quartet Empath is certainly up to something here. We see the four musicians at something like an impromptu party, but something more is going on here, and it is hard to stop watching.[…]

DBMK – Chains

Alt-pop duo DBMK offer another crazy catchy banger with “Chains,” their newest single. DMBK is the project of Kyle Knudsen (vocals) and Colton Ward (drums), who left Florida and now call Nashville their home. Wrapped in super pretty pop vibes, “Chains” hits some darker tones as well, because DBMK say:[…]