In the 80s we were the kids who always put on headphones and played self-made mix tapes on their walkmen. In the 90s we met in Munich over discussing Lisa Stanfield’s now mostly forgotten breakout hit “All Around the World”. Our first show together were Alien Sex Fiend and we mined the sparse local scene for the next cool thing. In the 2000s we moved to New York City to find music was just everywhere.

In 2010 we crossed the East River to Brooklyn with venues so close near-by that we sometimes could do multiple shows in a single night. We are blogging since 2001 and started glamglare in fall 2014 to help promote the music we love. Music, and art in general, is what makes us human and will become ever more important as computers and robots continue to take over simple work.

All PHOTOS are taken by Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard, with the exception of press shots, album covers, etc. Should we accidentally use material that was not meant for public use, please let us know and we take it down. If you want to use any of our (concert) photos, please ask us.

We solely write about the music we love because… music is something joyful and precious and like time not to be wasted, hence we focus on what inspires us and brightens our day and hopefully yours too.

Enjoy life through music – every day.

— Elke and Oliver