SONG PICK: Chelsea Cutler – Your Shirt

Chelsea Cutler wrote, produced and sang her new song “Your Shirt” all by herself, but she electronically conjures the voices of a happier (?) past to help her tell the story. The song feels bright as the morning when she wakes up and realizes that a shirt and some memories[…]

SONG PICK: JOHN.k – Runnin

From the start, “Runnin” is a simply irresistible track that knows exactly when to go big and when to give room to the absolutely gorgeous vocals because the arrangement enchants with its bold yet also introspect, tender moments. “Runnin” is the debut single by singer-songwriter JOHN.k providing us with a glimpse of what[…]

SONG PICK: Cuesta Loeb – Charlotte Hill

This is big sound: L.A. via NYC musician Cuesta Loeb does shoegaze-inspired dream pop where her vocals float narrowly over thick layers of guitars. “Charlotte Hill” is the third track off her debut EP “Dive”, which is out now (Apple Music | Spotify | Soundcloud). Cuesta Loeb will play their[…]

WITH WHISKEY OR COFFEE: Harry Pane – Fletcher Bay

Leave it to musicians to cope with tragic loss in the most amazing way. “Fletcher Bay” with its -as contradictory as this may sound- upbeat melancholy is like golden sunshine after a dark and heavy thunder-storm. Singer-songwriter Harry Pane dedicated “Fletcher Bay” to his late father, who sadly passed away last year, yet both shared[…]

VIDEO: Oyinda – Serpentine

Oyinda’s “Restless Minds” was one of my favorite EPs last year. Now she is following up with a video that blurs real and visual reality. Oyinda explains: “Whilst writing ‘Serpentine’ I was studying hypnosis, specifically instances where patients wind up referring to themselves in the third person; they see themselves[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Sam Brookes – My Girl Drinks Coffee (AR Ferdinand Remix)

The heartbreakingly gorgeous “My Girl Drinks Coffee” by London-based alt-folk singer-songwriter Sam Brookes  gets a remix treatment by AR Ferdinand, hailing from El Salvador. While the original track is intriguing in its own rights, the remix version appears to be a bit lighter and more dance floor ready without compromising the essence of[…]

SONG PICK: Katelin Tarver – Love Me Again

“Love Me Again”, our Song Pick of the Day was released on Valentine’s Day, but love is also the most important thing the other 364 days of the year. In this quiet song Katelyn Tarver, best known as an actor, tries to fix a relationship. “When it feels like we’re[…]

SONG PICK: Torandaga – After Life

The debut single “After Life” by Toronto-based duo Torandaga is a clever and disarmingly beautiful track. Clever, because subject matter, lyrics and musical interpretation are done in a rather sophisticated way and beautiful because it simply is. There’s a stark contrast between the dark and powerful drum and bass lines and the gorgeous, airy[…]

SONG PICK: Ellie Bleach – I Want You So Bad

Ellie Bleach is a student from Norwich, England and “I Want You So Bad” is her slow burning, extremely catchy debut track, which she recorded for the local label Seal of Approval Records. I’m sure we will hear more from her this year. Listen to our Song Pick of the[…]

SONG PICK: Toyko – Stronger Love

There is no escaping “Stronger Love” because this track is one optimistic, glorious pop-anthem, one of the songs you like to sing along with, when hitting the repeat-button. There’s not much to be said yet about the enigmatic Los Angeles based artist Toyko and why not letting his new single[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Beach Fossils – This Year

“This Year”, the new single by Brooklyn-based three-piece Beach Fossils is absolutely gorgeous, there is no other way around! Listening to “This Year” is like floating on a big cloud of fluffy cotton balls or lounging on a super comfy air mattress in a serene mountain lake, taking in the[…]

SONG PICK: Jazz Morley – Ruin Me

UK singer Jazz Morley does unpretentious pop songs that seem to get straight to the point. “I could let you ruin me”, sings Jazz and that describes exactly the moment when you are about to decide to go ahead in a relationship. “Sometimes when the world seems grey and hopeless,[…]

SONG PICK: Benji Lewis – Drift

“Drift” is one of these rare tracks where everything is in-sync and harmony: lyrics and melody complement each other perfectly while bright, velvety smooth and absolutely gorgeous vocals add some extra sparkle. “Drift” is the new single by Australian electronic artist Benji Lewis, who has the following to say about his song: “For me, a lot[…]