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SONG PICK: Silver Rose – Take Me Home

“Take Me Home” by Silver Rose is everything you wish for in a great shoegaze/dream pop track: instantly catchy, mesmerizing dreamy, with pulsating beats, reverb heavy guitars and sultry, female vocals. Silver Rose is the new project of Carla Sariñana based in Mexico and “Take Me Home” is among the tracks of her[…]


SONG PICK: Elkka – Try

U.K. musician Elkka has just released her debut EP “Her” ( Apple Music | Spotify ), which kicks off a trilogy of EPs to be continued early next year. “Try”, a bouncy, upbeat electro-pop song, takes on the honeymoon phase of a relationship: “You want it / you don’t have[…]


VIDEO: Georgie – Company of Thieves

In this video U.K. singer/songwriter Georgie finds herself walking through some dystopian urban setting, where everything seems to go wrong for the people around her. Listen to “Company of Thieves”:


SONG PICK: Emily Burns – Take it or Leave it

London-based singer/songwriter Emily Burns has a decision to make: “Take it or Leave It”, the chance to turn a friendship into something more. What separates the track from other pop music and makes it so appealing is its restraint: aside from Emily’s vocals, there is not much more than a[…]


VIDEO: argonaut&wasp – Disco Disco – [The Drum Song]

“I can play the disco, if you can play the drums” go part of the lyrics of argonaut&wasp‘s new single “Disco Disco (The Drum Song” and the clever video to go with is equally fun. The Brooklyn duo, comprised of Trey Schibli and Theo Klein, finds itself on a sunny day[…]


NEW EP: King Neptune – A Place To Rest My Head

There is something refreshing and simply gorgeous about a straightforward modern rock song. No frills, no unnecessary bells and whistles, but a solid structure, a good story to tell, pleasing instrumentation and great vocals. “A Place To Rest My Head”, the recently released EP by King Neptune, offers exactly that:[…]


SONG PICK: Orchards – Honey

Brighton quartet Orchards create ‘math pop’ and since I haven’t heard of the term yet until now (how come?) I gave “Honey” a listen and researched the term of course. As for the Orchards’ new single “Honey”, it is beautifully buzzing, with a very interesting flow and an overall fizzy pace. And[…]


SONG PICK: Adryelle – The Morning

Our Song Pick of the Day comes from Adryelle a Baltimore-based artist who is currently traveling the country to inspire kids in schools with concerts and speeches . Fortunately she has found time to release a new song “The Morning”, a mostly acoustic piece as opposed to her previous electronic[…]

Cryptochrome at Húrra

[PHOTOS] Cryptochrome Set the Bar High for Iceland Airwaves at Húrra

Let Iceland Airwaves 2016 begin! Admittedly, the first day of the five days long music festival was less packed than the other days yet this did not mean less music or less cool music. In the contrary! The Icelandic/British/German trio Cryptochrome took the stage at Húrra at exactly 8:00 pm and gave an incredible[…]


LISTENING PARTY: Super Paradise – Quençebo

Originally, I wanted to feature “The F.C.” as Song Pick of the Day but after listening to the track a few times more, and then the entire album, I knew that stopping at the first track wouldn’t do in this case. Italian/English psych-grunge rockers Super Paradiso have just released their 8 tracks debut album[…]