SONG PICK: Pistols At Dawn – Foregone Conclusion

“Foregone Conclusion” is a slowly unfolding, gradually intensifying and alluringly hypnotic track. It is the debut single of London post alt-rock five-piece Pistols At Dawn, who say about their upcoming debut album: “And no distortion. On any of it. It’s all natural, clean guitar sounds – relying on an old amp to make[…]


SONG PICK: East Of My Youth – Mother

This one is a little older, but Iceland Airwaves is approaching quickly and the electronic duo East Of My Youth is surly on our must see list. “Mother”, their second song, is a glittering bright synth pop piece, after the darker, more intense “Only Lover”. An EP with hopefully more[…]


VIDEO: Anna Coddington – Without a Fight

Watch New Zealand musician Anna Coddington on the beach. It is just her and the ocean, but there is still a lot happening here, much of it outside the frame. The song is about not giving up “Without a fight” and there may be some fighting going on. The song[…]

Pixx at Irving Plaza

Photos: Pixx live at Irving Plaza

Young English artist Pixx came to New York for just one show: her label 4AD put her on stage at Irving Plaza together with Australians Methyl Ethyl and locals Lemon Twigs. Pixx plays together with a keyboarder and guitarist so she can focus mostly on singing and that works well[…]


SONG PICK: Tallisker – Salanfe

“Salanfe” by Glasgow based French singer-producer Tallisker (Eléonore Melisande) is incredibly unique and all the more alluring, as she mixes dark beats with the soft sounds of her cello and her bright vocals. “Salanfe” is a deeply moving track, one that grabs you, makes you listen and wanting more. Listen to “Salanfe” our[…]



Deliberately instrumented, making every single note count, lost in reverie and totally mesmerizing that is “Alter”, the new single by London artist RYD. “Alter” is enchanting with its distant sounding, yet alluring vocals and it’s so easy to get lost within the surreal, dreamy vibe. Listen to “Alter” now:


SONG PICK: Pale Honey – Real Thing

Swedish duo Pale Honey is back with a new song, “Real Thing”. Their self-titled debut album was one of my favorites last year and their new material remains on track with sparse instrumentation and Tuva Lodmark’s irresistible vocals. In their own words, “Real Thing” is “courage and confidence packed and[…]


SONG PICK: Michael Jablonka – Mantra

Our Song Pick of the Day is the song “Mantra” by Michael Jablonka, who has been playing guitar for other bands and now kicks off his own career as a songwriter. “Mantra”, a song about the inevitable end of a relationship conveys its sentiment with a melancholic guitar line and[…]


SONG PICK: Slow Riot – Absent Dreams

“Absent Dreams” the new single by Irish three-piece Slow Riot comes with a mesmerizing post new wave vibe, it is glorious in its urgency and darkness, and the sparkle in the soft gloom are the simply amazing vocals. Lyricist Niall Clancy provides context to the lyrics: “Absent Dreams is about reaching the[…]


NEW TRACK: Bryde – Honey

There is nothing sweet about “Honey”, the latest track of U.K. singer songwriter Bryde: this song it is a two-minute-sharp power rock package.


EXCITED ABOUT: Lowlands // Von Sell // Katie Gately // Quinn Lewis // Kings of Leon // Lisa Mitchell

Plenty of new full-length albums and EPs came out today and we are especially excited about the following new releases: Lowlands – Lovers Blessings The post-punk duo Lowlands, comprised of best friends Gabriel Spatuzzi (NYC, NY) and Thomas C. Garcia (San Diego, CA), released their debut full-length album “Lovers Blessings” and I get lost in the[…]


SONG PICK: Little White Things – Corner Of

“Corner Of” starts out so bright and enchanting one can’t help but being instantly hooked! The new single by Irish/Swedish duo Little White Things makes use of a lot of different elements to create this mesmerizing stunner of a song. There are diverse layers in “Corner Of”, multiple instruments but never all at once and not[…]

Ariah& at The Delancey

[PHOTOS] Ariah& Enchants at The Delancey + EP Review

Where to begin… it’s difficult to pick only one favorite song from Ariah&‘s excellent self-titled debut EP. The collection of songs immediately drew me in, like snorkeling in Caribbean crystal turquoise waters, following a swarm of colorful fish, going deep, and deeper and realizing that you can only go that far with a[…]


SONG PICK: Lisa Mitchell – Warhol

Another Song Pick of the Day from Down Under: singer/songwriter Lisa Mitchell doesn’t really sing about Andy Warhol here, but, as the story goes, she heard his name while singing the lyrics and somehow it fitted to the mood of the song. Like many of the most exciting 2016 tracks,[…]